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House contract expired? New job opportunity from afar? Or maybe you found some furniture that matches perfectly to that favourite curtain of yours? Due to busy schedules, many people these days seek help from professionals specializing in home moving and furniture transport. Marcus Furniture Mover is a reliable and efficient moving company that can handle all your moving needs and requirements. If you are looking for the best moving service that will take great care of your items at a great price, look no further!
Affordable movers in the Auckland area

Why choose Marcus Furniture Mover?

Affordable movers

Our years of experience offering moving services


Our ongoing commitment to offering the very best service in the industry


We are equipped with the right moving vehicles, tools and equipment


We are affordable movers and offer free, no obligation quotes


We are efficient and great at problem solving for more complex moves


Marcus Furniture Mover can help with long distance moves too!

Our years of experience and commitment to the very best service in the industry ensures that you and your belongings will be completely taken care of. We offer home moving services and aside from highly experienced teams of movers, our company is also equipped with moving vehicles, tools and equipment to speed up the moving process and deliver results that are satisfaction guaranteed.

Looking to move long distance? Marcus Furniture Mover can help with long distance moves too!

We are affordable movers – and proud of it!

This doesn’t mean that we cut corners, but there are some things you can do to keep the cost of moving down. In order to have the most EFFICIENT move, here’s a list of helpful tips to help you prepare:


Disassemble and break down all beds

Remove the legs if they can be unscrewed, unscrew the headboard, separate the two parts commonly found on larger/double beds.


Clean and dry surfaces

Cleaning and drying any patio surfaces, outdoor furniture etc means we can get to loading quicker – and make sure that there is no staining or drips from anything that might be wet.

Disconnect appliances from the power supply

Wherever possible, also make sure the cable is secured to the appliance (it can be taped on or wound around)


Considering parking options

If possible, providing or locating sufficient parking prior to arrival of our crew will also reduce the time spent – and therefore the cost.

Stack boxes as near to the exit as possible

Boxes that are neatly stacked near the exit means we can load them quicker, making the move more affordable!

Affordable moving services

All of the points above help us with our aim of being affordable movers, but if you are unable to disassemble / reassemble any of your items to be moved, our crew is equipped with basic hand tools and we will do our best to accommodate you swiftly and safely!

Affordable movers in Auckland

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